Book cover plus interior spot illustrations and chapter-heading one page comics for 'Speaking of Writing: A Brief Rhetoric'. Written by Allegra Goodman and Michael Prince (Professor of English at Boston University). 
360 pages. Published by Broadview Press August 2019.
'Speaking of Writing is a concise yet comprehensive rhetoric with readings. Informed by scholarship in Writing Studies, this book follows four college students from diverse backgrounds as they face the challenges of reading, writing, and critical thinking in first-year writing and across the disciplines. Each chapter engages students in relatable, often humorous scenarios that focus on key challenges.
Through its story-based approach, Speaking of Writing enacts student-centered and process-based pedagogy, showing students learning to address fundamental questions: How can I apply my own strategies for success to new assignments? How can I maintain my own voice when asked to compose in an academic style? What do college professors mean by a “thesis,” and how is this different from what my high-school teachers meant? Why is this argument weak, and how can I make it stronger? The book’s narrative vividly dramatizes a draft-and-revision process that includes instructor feedback, peer review, and careful research.'
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